Tool Storage

I quite like making bespoke tool storage.

4mm Screwdriver Bit Holders

Micro storage for the bits of my iFixit Mako Precision Screwdriver as part of my Single row custom 3d printed TPU holders and compact 2 row holder are available on Printables.

Rugged Cases for Dial Indicators

I needed storage to safely transport my Mitutoyo Indicators and my Dial Test indicator to use on Bristol Hackspace Lathe. I made substantial modifications to the ubiquitous rugged cases on Printables as a chance to learn Fusion 360. I’ve uploaded the print files and the Fusion 360. (Indicator case, DTI case.)

Pinecil Soldering Iron Case

This soldering iron case has got a page of it’s own.

Tiny Tool Kit

Inspired by Jarkman and Mithimakes, I’m currently building an ultra portable tiny tool kit.

I also contribute to, a curated library of tiny toolkits.

Engineers Tool Box Restoration

I restored this vintage engineers toolbox a few years ago, as well as refinishing the wood, I remade the leather handle and it was missing a key, so I picked the lock, worked out the profile for the key and hand cut a new one. It lives on my desk, I use it every day.

Reamer Box (2023)

I designed a quick compact storage for the 9 piece reamer set I use to clean up holes on my 3D prints. Print file available on Printables.