Rubber Ducky Radio


Ducky is an internet radio with a single purpose, it plays BBC 6 Music in our kitchen. Ducky has only one control, twist Duckies hat for on/off and for volume control. Plug power into Ducky’s foof and stereo flows out of it’s poop hole.

Tech: The guts are a very simply circuit with ESP32 and a PCM5102 DAC module, add a switched potentiometer and a couple of sockets and you’ve got the whole thing. The code makes heavy use of the outstanding project Arduino Audio Tools by Phil Shatzmann. I created some cool meme sunglasses for Ducky to wear, which I have uploaded to Printables.

Since of mid 2023 Ducky has been temporarily silenced, because the BBC has gone a bit poo and messed up their radio streams, so that simple and older internet devices can no longer play their radio stations, I could tune it to another station, or make it stream Bluetooth from my phone. If anyone has a way to play BBC streams or an M3u8 HLS stream on an ESP32 please get in touch.