The Kett-o-Blaster

The Kett-o-blaster is a 3kw* sound system that is perfect for playing Hot Jazz and Steam-Punk-Rock at the local Tea Dance.

You may be wondering, how does it sound? It’s actually pretty darn good, as that spout is a bass reflex port.

It was made from a vintage Swan Kettle that was donated to Bristol Hackspace (thanks Ryan) and in that moment a terrible idea was formed.

The next week Neal gave me a car speaker that happened to be the right size (thanks Neal), I added a battery that MCP gave me and a £4 pm8610 amplifier board (with 1 channel already broken) and we have a parts-bin-mash-up: the Kett-o-Blaster.

The only money I spent on it was to buy a rivnut tool to fix the speaker on.
I added a knob for volume on the back, put the audio jack in, recharging ports on the back and designed and 3D printed a ring to cover over the speaker.

* it must be 3kw – it says so on the bottom of the kettle. Measured power output may be a little less, but it’s plenty loud enough for me.

ToDo: Some making photos.