Roller Skates

These are some of the roller skates that I have made.

Ripper Slipper – The lifestyle choice for the Zimmer Generation (2002)

Ultimate comfort, Ultimate style.

38km Step-in Roller Skates (2002)

Step-in trucks with automatic bindings for shoes that transform into skates. Designed while at the RCA. Below are the CNC’ed plates – I designed and made the whole skate. I’ll get some more photos up when I get a moment.

Solomon boots with Playmaker trucks (1998)

Made from some crazy Solomon boots, Girl Gold Bearings and Krypto Cruise wheels. Carried me for many years of street skating in London – super comfortable. I remember one time the toe-stop came off and rolled under the boots when we were bombing down Haymarket, with a bus right behind me, gulp. I miss Trafalgar Square (~1998, now retired – after 20 years the rubber perished).

Adidas Box Hog boots with Playmaker trucks (2019)

Lightweight boxing boots, Playmaker truck recycled from the Solomons, custom made fibreglass insoles to add stiffness and Sims Street Snake wheels. Not much support, very lightweight.