Bramble’s Headbadge

Bramble is our family tandem. She has a whole page to herself over here. A custom bike like this deserves a custom headbadge.

So much of my work now is digital, I took real pleasure in working analogue for this project. You can see here some of the ideas I tried out.

Sketching out ideas

There are influences from the Bristol Transport logo that we had made into the logos for the tandem.

Bristol name on Tandem

Here is the final artwork. No scanner, no photocopier. Trace, refine, and ink. It’s a “B” for Bramble and for Batchelor.

B logo

Thanks to Richard for the piece of brass. I bent it around a pipe with a hammer, glued on the design and transferred it with a centre punch.

Transferring the design

A tiny drill is a quick way to start removing material. Then small saw and needle files.

Drilling out

This was after about 2 hours of roughing out. The design was starting to show, and my fingers were sore.

Roughing out

We went to Cornwall, and while Mithi was drawing and Z was digging sandcastles, I pulled 3 needle files from my pocket and sat on beaches filing the details.


Nearly there – time to profile. I made a little mistake in the middle there. That’s what’s nice about analogue; I was probably about 15-20 hours in at this point and I wasn’t going back.

The last stage was polishing. Mmmmm.

Polishing nearly finished badge

Here it is on the honey Brooks saddle before it was fixed in place on the head tube, it matches the copper rivets on the saddles – this gives a coordinated feel for the whole bike.

Badge on saddle