Generative & Parametric Design

Learning and experimenting with Grasshopper in Rhino 3D.

Simulation of Frei Otto Bubble Experiments

With Kangaroo 2 & Grasshopper.
Frei Otto Bubble simulation

Physical control of CAD Simulations

Using Rhino, Grasshopper, Kangaroo, Firefly and Arduino. Here with a Time-of-Flight distance sensor and a potentiometer.

Holey Stanford Bunny

A 10 minute hack in answer to a student question – using Grasshopper, Weaverbird and Catmull-Clark smoothing.

Exploring Geodesic Domes

Topology Optimisation

With Grasshopper and Millipede (also Solidworks and Fusion 360)
2D Topology Optimisation

3D Topology Optimisation

Generative Housing for Raspberry Pi

Work in progress…
Generative Housing

See also 3D Printed Origami.