3D Printing Origami

3D Printed Origami Egg Wrapping
Printed onto polyester. Pattern made in Rhino Grasshopper based on curved folding origami design originally by Jun Mitani. November 2020.

3D Printed Origami Whipped Cream
I love the pattern this has created. It’s printed with PLA onto polyester. I tried making some sections empty – I think this made it harder to fold, will try again with all sections filled. Due to the spring in the polyester, it doesn’t want to stay flat without tape on the bottom. Pattern made in Rhino Grasshopper. Again, based on an original design by the origami genius Jun Mitani.

3D Printed Origami Solar Sail version 2 with PLA on a polyester substrate.
It became an unexpected pop up. Yay! So happy. The 3D printer does all the hard work of making the creases, so these take about 1 minute to cut out and 1 minute to fold. I am stunned by how smoothly this 3D printed origami Solarsail re-folds. Origami pattern made parametrically in Rhino Grasshopper. October 2020.

A 3D printed Origami version of the NASA folding Solarsailversion 1
Success! Also I realised that I don’t need to heat the bed for these to print 🙂 October 2020

Pako Pako by Tomoko Fuse in 3D printed Origami.
Printed onto paper, this was HARD to print and even harder to fold. I need a bigger 3D printer and a multi-material extruder. Pattern made in Rhino Grasshopper.

3D printed Origami Domes
PLA on paper. Worked well.

3D printed Muira fold pattern.
Trying to optimise a few settings, a few parts came unstuck while folding, but it worked 🙂

3D Oriented Origami Resch Pattern
It took about 20 minutes to make the pattern in Rhino Grasshopper and 40 mins to print.

Experiment 1: 3D printing origami.
Made the pattern in Rhino Grasshopper, 3D printed in PLA on paper using an Ender 3v2. Success!