Dr Ooze – Delta 3D Printer

In 2016 I built Dr Ooze* with MCP (* it’s mine and it’s got an extruder, geddit?!?)

The aim was never to create a working 3D printer, I have enough of those I use at work. The aim was to create a test bed for learning all about 3D printers. The aim was to meet and solve every problem we could, so we didn’t even start with a kit, or even a complete plan.

The initial design was based on a Rostock mini, then upgraded: parts redesigned, calibrated, recalibrated and made to work.
It has a Megatronics mainboard, E3D hot end, and Repetier software.
Delta printers are cool and futuristic Рbut they are an absolute nightmare to calibrate… we spent DAYS learning how to calibrate this printer!

With assembly help from my 3 year old daughter.

My nephew needed a new propeller blade for his lego. “Uncle Drew, can you print me one?” Of course I can. The original Lego design has only 2 blades. This one has 3 blades, so it’s definitely better ;).

Here’s a quick video of some printing, you can see how the head dances, it is smooth and quick:

In 2020 during Covid lockdown, I returned to the project and upgraded to make Dr Ooze II.