Moving Object Group

Kinetic Art at Mog

I created this kinetic art for the Moving Object Group (MOG) Exhibition in Bristol in 2018. 10 metallic icosahedron dance up and down in mesmerising patterns.

Some footage of it moving.

With Arduino Uno > 3 Adafruit Motor shields > 10 gear motors and 10 microswitches.

I designed these 3D printed modular chassis in Solidworks to hold the motors and microswitches. These were the key to providing the mechanical reliability to the system.

At the time, this was my most ambitious kinetic art project I had undertaken, it led to a huge amount of learning. This was where I learned to write classes in Object Orientated Programming.

With MCP who helped with the coding, behaviour and debugging.

As I developed it a smaller version with 4 (mostly) platonic solids was exhibited as part of Window Wanderland in 2018.