Teaching: Advanced Generative & Algorithmic Design

From 2015 to 2022 I co-led an innovative final year project teaching generative and algorithmic design to final year Product Design students, supervising over 150 different projects. I’m proud that we were pioneering as the first product design degree programme in the UK (perhaps even globally) to be teaching Rhino Grasshopper generative and algorithmic design.

The students on this module loved learning at the cutting edge of design. Here is a small sample of the brilliant, innovative projects that they created.

Chris’s Raspberry Pi Case

An ambitious and well resolved design project using Kangaroo physics engine simulation and Millipede.

Joe’s Origami Knee Brace

Keong’s Violin

Using Sub-D and Top Opt for aesthetic reasons and outstanding Keyshot renders.

Kimberly’s Outdoor Lighting Concept

Willem’s Walking Stick

…And More